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Chapter of the Year 2006

"Spirit of NACE" 2004
awarded to:
Michel Malecot, The French Gourmet and the late June Bowerman

Host of the 2004 National Education Conference

San Diego NACE Newsletter
November 2006
by Duffy Fainer

President's Message
Fall 2006
by Tracey Amernick, CPCE

Greetings Members,

It's been a terrific year so far for the Chapter We had great programs, and now we can look forward to our well deserved holiday party with our friends from ISES, December 5, Tuesday at the Sheraton on Harbor Island.

It's our last meeting until February 13th 2007, so please try to make it. It would be a wonderful opportunity for our new members to make their first appearance. We promise you a fun party, and more than your money's worth too.

Congratulations again to all our current and future CPCE members for their dedication and hard work! At last count, we are tied with Florida for having the most CPCE's in the Nation. With the "CPCE" designation after your name on a business card, you have a distinct advantage over most other caterers, and the added knowledge to make a difference in your business. <more...>

Membership News
November 2006
by Duffy Fainer

Membership Drive!!

Welcome to our new members. 16 people came on board during the Oct 8-Nov 10 period.

We have a perfect blend of caterering professionals and vendors to the industry. We're fortunate to have a very rich assortment of talent and professionalism in our ranks. Welcome aboard to you all.

If you're changing jobs, you might be able to "take" your membership with you, and the person replacing you, might "get" your membership for up to 6! Read about this, under the "Provisional" definition.

Email me if you have any changes to your contact information, questions, or have issues of concern.


Our November Meeting
by Chris Agrippe

"A Taste of Greece"

The wonderful staff of Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley hosted our Chapter for a "Taste of Greece" this month, and even nature seemed willing to do her part. A welcome rain had fallen, and the Hotel entrance glistened in the dark… the air was fresh and remarkably warm for an evening in the third week of November.

Upon entering the softly-hued Crystal Ballroom, we felt immediately transported to a Mediterranean Paradise. The multi-tiered ballroom, accented by three crystal chandeliers, was designed and set with the classic blue and white accents of Greece, reminiscent of their flags flapping in the breeze, creating a festive ambiance for the dinner to come. Keith Danon of Music as You Like It ensured the mood was perfect as his DJ regaled us during the cocktail hour, and Duffy Fainer provided traditional Greek songs for dinner.

Chef Bric Burleson's menu complimented the theme, opening with a Classic Greek Salad of Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes, Sweet Red Onions, Imported Feta, and Vine Ripened Cucumbers in a light olive oil and citrus dressing. Our main course was a wonderful Mediterranean Chicken with Roasted Peppers, Garlic and Kalamata Olives with Spaghetti Squash. Our dessert was Baklava and Pastries with Herbal Teas.

Our newest member, Kosta Houdalakis of Lisko Imports, shared his knowledge of the famous olives grown on his island. With the ever-increasing popularity of olive oil and the documented health benefits, everyone in the audience found a little something to take home with them. He’s a descendant of Greece, and so the history and folklore he shared with us came first hand as he lead us through the growth and harvest cycles of his country’s world-renowned crops.

Kosta also provided generous samplings of tapenades, along with assorted styles of cured olives and select oils, all the while providing a unique education from a memorable professional.

Chapter President Tracey Amernick supplied us with the November election results , and the new board members were announced. Their formal installation will occur in February 2007. Happy Birthday to Tracey, and congratulations on her engagement to Chris Agrippe. Another match made at NACE!

Thanks to the Handlery Hotel for their hospitality, and Music as You Like It, for supplying our cocktail hour music.

Affiliate's Corner
by Merrylin Brichmann

Our affiliate showcasers get a 3-5 minute window to tell all the members about their special field of expertise. It is much more effective than handing out brochures or business cards and I hope that all affiliates will take advantage of this great opportunity! All you have to do is email or call me, your affiliate representative for NACE. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you promote your business to our NACE members. Happy Thanksgiving!


Our first showcaser grew up in Pasadena. While many boys had paper routes, he was booking himself as “Danon the Teenage Magician”. Some of the things he enjoys the most are playing tennis, sailing, racing his Ferrari, jogging and traveling.

Of the 57 countries around the world that he has visited, Latvia is one of his favorites. He has applied for and hopes to be awarded the title of “Honorary Council” to the Republic of Latvia, representing the western United States. So, if the petition comes around, please sign it and help make his dream come true. We welcomed Keith Danon, owner of Music as you Like it.



Our second presenter was raised in Pleasanton, California. At age four, she was a ballerina. In high school, a varsity cheerleader and coached the junior varsity squad. When she was 15 years old, her parents moved her to Battle Ground, WA.

She left the trendy bay area neighborhood for Hicksville, a very scary change! But she adjusted well. She went on to attend Washington State University. She did not love her job in the mortgage industry but did meet her husband by following this career path.

She got married a year ago, moved to San Diego and loves it here. She is now pursuing her dream to be a make-up artist and fashion designer. We welcomed Erika Winter, our beauty specialist.

Email me: or call me at 619-593-7367

Community Service
by Nancy Changnon-Baron

November 2006: Friends of Scott

This year, we've chosen Friends of Scott as the foundation to direct our community service and fundraising for. Friends of Scott is a non-profit organization that was founded in memory of Scott Delgadillo who lost his life to childhood cancer. The Friends of Scott Foundation (FSF) is committed to helping children with cancer and their families. San Diego NACE will help to contribute money and support, to ensure they receive the emotional and financial support needed to cope with this devastating disease. FSF strives to bring Childhood Cancer Awareness to the community.

It was a night to remember as we came together to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the San Diego Chapter of NACE in October. We raised over $4600. for our beneficiaries through our silent auction and raffle. There were some great items donated that offered terrific bargains for the participants. Thanks again to all who donated, whose names are listed below in the Raffle Kudos corner.

At the August meeting, San Diego NACE amassed several hundered toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste, which is a part of building a "Back to School Backpack" for a hundred kids. At the October Gala Fundraiser, we'll finish the job, putting together school supplies and much more for a final presentation.

Here's AnnaMaria Sanfilippo taking a limo full of kids to the Del Mar Races.

Nancy Changnon-Baron, CPCE
858-488-1725, ext. 331

Raffle Kudos
by Cade Fulton

Thank you to all who donated to the November meeting:

  • Wine from Falkner Winery
  • Wine courtesy of Bill Crandall
  • 10 floral centerpieces courtesy of Patrick Higgins, Artisitic Florals
  • 10 bottles of premium Olive Oil, courtesy of Kosta Houdalakis
  • Stone Brewery donated a case of India Pale Ale
  • Sharon Mintz of Organic Elements gave us a floral arrangement
  • Tower of confections from Kathy Isherwood, the Party Staff
  • Kathy Ziegler donated a Photo Box with candy
  • Erica Winter donated a 1 lesson make up application
  • Michel Malecot of the French Gourmet handed us two ticket to his Harvest Festival
  • Southern Wine and Spirits gave us a magnum of Hogue Genesis Merlot 2001
  • Gift basket courtesy of Artistic Productions

If you would like to make a raffle donation, contact Cade Fulton at Centerplate

New Members for 2006

Pam Milan
- Pam's Productions DJ's

Anthony Milkey
- La Costa Resort and Spa

Rick Kahn - American Audio Visual Center

Rick Mitrovich - Manchester Grand Hyatt

Larry Monet
- Photography by Monet

Joe Sands
- Sushi Specialties

Paula Licitra - A Perfect Planner

Darlene Mendoza - San Diego Zoo   

Jorge Marx- Hepcat

Max Ader-Ader/Kahn Photography

Miquel Aldrete - E Vendor List

Bob Kahn - Ader/Kahn Photography

Jaime Bartholomew - Red Lion Hanalai

Lee Siegel - Kabobs, Inc.

Lauren Finley - Rancho Valencia Resort

Rachel Francisco - Humphreys

Erika winter - The Xceptions

Dee Nusser - Brothers Bistro

Reverend Deborah Young

Brianne Bennett-Island Palms

Karen Ray-Island Pams

Corina Van Der Meer-Carmel Mtn Ranch CC

Angela Petix-Stingaree


Tony Scarcello - Euro Living Room Bakery

Jennifer Lim - Sheraton Suites San Diego

Derek Rippy - CrystalCatering

Ken Westone - Mt. Woodson Golf Club

Bob Kahn - Ader Kahn Photography

Ed Kutch - US Grant

Jim Harmon -Park Manor Suites

Claudia Wible- San Diego Marriott

Kosta Houdalakis-Lisko Imports

Judy Simmons-Shelter Pointe Hotel


William Crandall - The Clergy Referral Service

Jay Cabus - AztecShops, LTD

Guy Novak - DJ Guy

Rose Jacobson - A Special Moment Photography

Adam Southard - Premiere Valet Services

Rita Moore - US Grant

Ken Westone - Mt. Woodson Golf Club

Rachel Francisco-Humprheys

Sharon Mintz-Organic Elements

Warren Potts-Maritime Museum

Richard Bier-Issacs Bakery

Ray McKewon - The Xceptions 

Erica Mendoza - Bahia Resort Hotel

Linda Paccione - Raddison La Jolla

Jim Yates - Casino Del Sol

Adrian Bonelli - Radisson Harbor Island

Michael Bamrick- Boudin Catering

Kris Valentien- Positive Energy Productions

Anthony Longa- Embassy Suites

Lisa Salgado-Holiday Inn Mission Valley

Liz Odle- Napa Valley grille

Mark Johnson-SD Marriott

If you know a prospective member who could benefit from NACE,  and through whom our chapter could benefit, please direct them to our website, and to the Membership Chairs.

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